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Friday, March 22, 2013

Catsimatidis: It Takes A Fusion Ticket For A Republican To Win The Mayoral Race

"It's all about winning. It all about making sure one of us wins. You need the money, and you the need the ability to appeal," Business mogul John Catsimatidis modified his message in his closing argument at the 92Y mayoral debate sponsored by the New York Observer.

"A pure Republican can't win, It's impossible" Catsimatidis elaborated following the debate, in a brief conversation with NYC Elects. "When Romney lost in NYC 80-19, a pure Republican can't win." he added.

Touting his Democrat appeal and closeness with Bill Clinton, Catsimatidis pointed out "It's all about winning in November  and make sure the city goes in the right direction. It takes money. Mr. McDonald doesn't have it, and Mr. Lhota has to raise 5-6 Million dollars in order to compete. But with us, we have the money to make a difference, and I think it takes a fusion ticket to win," he asserted.

While Mr. Catsimatidis  is using his fortune and ability to self fund his campaign  to make the electability case, he also sought to present himself  as an advocate for small business owners. "I feel their pain," he said about struggling small business owners in the city, adding the amount of ticket he  is paying to the city on parking tickets and 'water bills up to the zoo'. Mr. Catsimatidis said he would create a business advocate department for small businesses, just like the consumers have a consumer advocate department, so small business owners have some place to go. "Small businesses cannot afford to hire lawyers, and you need some place for them to go to voice their concerns," he explained.

Mr. Catsimatidis also claims he his closer to the Jewish community than any candidate running. "I am on rabbi Schneider's board for the last 25 years. I have lit the menorah for Rabbi Botnick on 59th street for the last 25 years. I'm the closest person, running, to the Jewish Community," he argued. 

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