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Thursday, April 18, 2013

AUDIO; Pete King Is Backing Joe lhota for Mayor; Thinks It's Too Early For Weiner To Run

Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island), who was a guest on the David Greenfield show speaking about the Boston bombing, said he's expected to endorse former MTA chairman Joe Lhota as his Republican choice for mayor. "Joe get's it, he has the experience. He's been there," Mr. King told councilman Greenfield. 

Asked about Anthony Weiner's ambitions running for mayor, and the fact that Republicans are not rushing to stop that in anticipation that this would be create chaos, and splitting the Democratic primary vote. "I dont see how he can come back this quickly... It's too soon.. I dont want to be piling on, but running for mayor, I do not think  its needed at this time," he said.


  1. Peter King's barometer is well calibrated. Weiner should use his campaign exploratory funds to have his head examined at Bellevue. Am I the only one that heard all the booing at his resignation presser? His behavior is obviously self-destructive and I don't want New York brought down with him the next time he exercises bad judgment and unwisely posts his member on the internet. Joe Lhota is unquestionably the most qualified of all the horses in this race.

  2. To say the least, Anthony Weiner hasn’t shown the common sense that New York needs in its Mayor. Joe Lhota is the best fit in 2013 for correcting NYC’s problems. Lhota is a centrist Republican, not a far-right winger. Actually, he’d be a better fit as the New York Libertarian Party nominee.