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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marty Enthusiastically Endorsed 'First Female With Brooklyn Attitude'' For Mayor

With his unique touch and charm, Brooklyn's popular Borough President, Marty Markowitz enthusiastically endorsed at the steps of Borough Hall Christine Quinn for Mayor. "When you want a job done right give it to  a woman to get it done," the 68 year old BP said. "Frankly, It's about time New York City had its first female mayor." 

Explaining his cross-over-the-river endorsement, Mr. Markowitz took it to her personality. "You may have been born in Staten Island and you sleep in Manhattan, but it's clear that you have got plenty of that Brooklyn attitude... You're passionate, determined and never afraid to speak your mind, or in certain cases sing it, as you did  last Thursday at my state of the borough. [here comes her famous laugh.. (at min. 05:38)].


“For the past seven years, I’ve known Christine Quinn as a visionary City Council Speaker,” said Markowitz. “Under Speaker Quinn’s brilliant leadership, the City Council has tackled the most pressing challenges facing our city—building more affordable housing, expanding early childhood education and cutting red tape for small businesses. Here in Brooklyn, Speaker Quinn has helped create thousands of jobs in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, helped launch the East River Ferry and supported critical daycare and after school programs for our children. Chris has the unique ability to understand every New Yorker working to achieve their aspirations and I am thrilled to announce my support of the next Mayor of New York City.”

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