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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greenfield Lashes Out at Weiner , Lhota and de Blasio; Lhota Responds

Councilman David Greenfield piled on Anthony Weiner tonight, on his weekly Thursday night radio show, suggesting he's only doing the Republicans a favor by joining the Democratic primary and splitting the vote. Public advocate Bill de Blasio also got his share of the blame for not firing his staffer who tweeted racial and anti-semitic comments, letting him to resign out of his own will.
Mr. Greenfield also slammed Republican mayoral candidate Joe lhota for welcoming Mr. Weiner to the race. "Come on, if anyone would ask Joe Lhota privately can this guy be mayor? What are encouraging a guy that you think can't be mayor? It's irresponsible, Joe. You should know better than that. You should be encouraging Anthony Weiner to run just for simple reasons. I have respect for Joe Lhota, but i think, honestly, he crossed the line on this one," Mr Greenfield lashed out.

Reached by NYC Elects, Mr. Lhota angrily rebuffed councilman Greenfield's claim and comments. "I never said that Anthony Weiner is not fit to serve as mayor. I have known Anthony for 20 years, I am a personal good friend of his, and I think he adds more to the discussion," Mr. Lhota said. "If Mr. Greenfield  wants to talk about me, he should invite me on his show and we will debate the issues or topic of the day. His listeners will enjoy it." he added. 

Another Republican Insider, who follows the race closely and is consulting to one of the campaign, told NYCEelects that the Republican candidates are not seeking to go so low in creating chaos at the opposing parrt but voice personal opinion of a welcomed candidate, and possible contender. "Frankly, Anthony Weiner is the only candidate that is actually exciting. He's smarter and energetic than any of the remaining candidates, he's just not disciplined."   


  1. Llhota would really make a great mayor. I'm glad Kristen Davis nominated him for the Libertarian Party. I would have voted for Kristen Davis had she run for mayor but I think her choice to switch to comptroller was a good one given her extensive financial skillset. Llota's excellent record makes him the ideal choice, Weiner not so much.

  2. I have always liked Weiner and I think the pundits are being too hard on him and that a younger voting crowd will be forgiving of him. I think Weiner vs. Lhota would be very close to call but given that Lhota has a clean ethics record, he would probably edge out Weiner by a hair.