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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ceceilia Berkowitz Announces Big Apple Run

At the steps of City hall, Ceceilia Berkowitz announced Wednesday at noon her candidacy for mayor of NYC in 2013. "I am a proud woman... I love to dream, yes I do. I love to dream big for my city, my nation and my family," she said. 

"Our campaign theme is royal blue, the blue color," Ceceilia said, showing off the color of her iPhone. "This is the color of immigrants, the police and the other type of blue collar middle class."  

Urging New Yorkers to visit her website -"I warn you in advance that my name Ceceilia is spelled: C-E-C-E-I-L-I-A" - She promised this: "My promise to every New Yorker and to my true friends in the media, is that for however long this campaign lasts, I will use these steps of City Hall as an opportunity to raise the issues of improving NYC's schools... and discussing imprtant education issues that impact all of new York City's families."

Full Video of Announcement and Press Conference:

Unedited text of Ceceilia's remarks as prepared for delivery: 

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