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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pollster Memo Suggests Corruption and Boston Terror Boosts Catsimatidis"s Candidacy

Pollster John McLaughlin, who is a hired consultant for John Catsimatidis's campaign, writes in an internal campaign memo, obtained by the Daily Politics blog, that both the "seismic earthquake" of recent federal corruption probes and the horrific Boston Marathon bombings give Catsimatidis a chance to sell the message that he'd run a politically aboveboard and physically secure NYC.

"We know that the voters want a Mayor who understands the needs of the working middle class where John came from, but now they will want someone who can't be bought and will not tolerate those who sell us out for their own personal, corrupt gain," McLaughlin wrote in his Wednesday confidential report. "The voters will want someone who once elected will not sell them out, or due to political alliances will have to look the other way when scandals break."

"This week's terror attack in Boston brings further importance to John's support to continue the security policies of Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly. Whether it is the stop and frisk policy, or surveillance of potential terrorists, the majority of New Yorkers will want those policies continued."

Therefore, McLaughlin concludes: "The polls are about to begin to change drastically as present and future indictments move forward. New York's voters across the board will be disgusted... Only a truly independent leader, like John Catsimatidis, will be a successful outsider and have the credibility to clean house the way the voters demand. We have a unique opportunity. Let's move quickly and strongly with John's ideas to end the corruption and capitalize on John Catsimatidis’ stature as a successful businessman who can move New York forward."


Asked by Celeste Katz about the memo, Catsimatidis spokesman Rob Ryan said it was a follow-up to a poll conducted in the last few weeks. "It was very complete, and it showed a path to victory in both the primary and the general election." Ryan continued saying Mr. Catsimatidis is the only major player in the entire field who "isn't tainted by being involved in city government."

As for the tie-in with the Boston attacks, Ryan said the campaign isn't trying to capitalize on the tragedy.

"I don't think it's politicizing. It's stating an obvious fact," he said. "When you combat terror, whether it be some neighborhood kid with a gun and/or a terrorist, these are policing methods that work -- and that fact is proven by the drop in people being killed."

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