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Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Street Poll: New Yorkers Think Weiner Deserves A Second Chance

With Anthony Weiner plotting to re-enter the race for mayor, NY Mag's Neha Sharma polled a diverse group of 100 New Yorkers at Union Square whether they thought Mr. Weiner deserves a second chance.

Asked about a potential Weiner candidacy, 42% welcomed him into the race but wouldn't commit voting for him, while 23% thought he's too untrustworthy to even show his face in public. Only 35 percent  would either definitely vote for him or consider supporting his candidacy, which leave him with a ceiling of 35% support. 
However, Mr. Weiner has an opening and a big a chance to convince voters otherwise, since only 12% of those polled were actually strongly impressed with the current field of mayoral candidates. 

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